System Types

Conventional Boiler System

conventional boiler system glasgow edinburgh scotland

A conventional boiler works on the basis of a stored source of hot water characterised by a boiler, hot water cylinder, cold water storage tank and external pump. The system will also have either a header tank (open vented) or an expansion vessel (sealed).

The system may be fully controlled allowing for heating and hot water separate to each other or partially controlled allowing for hot water or heating and hot water together.


  • Multiple tap operation
  • Typically quicker hot water
  • Drying benefits of an airing cupboard
  • Immersion heater back up


  • Heating up a tank of water you may not use
  • Takes up space to house the tanks
  • You may run out of hot water

Combination (Combi) Boiler System

combi boiler system glasgow edinburgh scotland

A combi boiler works on the basis of instantaneous or on demand hot water characterised by a boiler only and a plumbing configuration that allows the boiler to produce hot water as you require.


  • Only heat the water you need and never run out of hot water
  • Space saving, no tanks and a dry loft
  • Marginal improved energy efficiency


  • Most combis are a ‘one tap operation’
  • No immersion back up
  • Dependant on mains pressure

It’s important that the correct decision is made but you don’t have to make that on your own.

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