FAQs On Boiler Installation

Installing a new boiler is a big task for most homeowners.

There is so much to learn about boiler types and which one suits your needs. So, to get you started, below are some of the main questions that you are likely to be asking yourself before purchasing a new boiler.

How much does a new boiler cost?

Typically, new boiler installations cost between £1700 and £3500. The price very much depends on the type, size, and output of the boiler you choose. The price also increases if extra elements are required, such as a tank and radiators.

Why should I install a new boiler in my home?

There are many reasons to have a new boiler installed in your home.

In today’s world, energy efficiency and the environment are hot topics. Many old boilers have low efficiency ratings, resulting in more energy consumption than modern A-rated boilers. Installing a new boiler could reduce your energy bills over time.

A modern boiler can increase the value of your home, making it more attractive for buyers and investors.

A new boiler means you won’t need to call heating engineers for repairs as often as you would with old boilers.

Depending on how large your family is, and how big your home is, transitioning to a new boiler may be the ideal choice if your current boiler cannot provide adequate heating or hot water instantly.

Or if you wish to renovate your home, a regular boiler may take up more space, and switching to a combi could be the answer.

Can every plumber install a boiler?

Only qualified heating engineers have the skills and experience to install a new boiler. Not all plumbers have the necessary qualifications. Always check that an engineer is Gas Safe registered, which will give you the confidence that your engineer is competent to work with gas appliances.

Do you have reviews and recommendations from previous customers?

Yes, it’s always wise to research reviews of engineers before hiring them. You can read our reviews here: The Boiler Exchange – Reviews