How An A-Rated Boiler Can Improve Your Home

If you’ve never heard of an A-rated boiler and are looking to reduce energy consumption and your cost of living, you’ve landed on the right page.

Understanding more about boiler ratings is a great way to begin learning how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What is an A-rated boiler?

Boiler ratings are established by a rating scheme developed by boiler manufacturers and the UK government, known as the Seasonal Efficiency of Boilers UK (SEDBUK).

Then in 2015, the SEDBUK rating system was replaced by the Energy Related Products (ERP). It was created to guide consumers on which boilers are more energy efficient and how much it would cost to run. Boiler efficiency is calculated as a percentage and a rating from A to G is attributed to each boiler.

An A-rated boiler is considered top of the range with an efficiency rating of at least 90 percent. The Energy Saving Trust recommends all A-rated boilers as the best choice for UK customers.

What Advantages Does an A-rated Boiler Have?

An A-rated boiler gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment will last many years due to its superior quality over other boilers. Gradually, your energy bills will reduce as you get more heat per unit of energy spent.

In addition, you’ll serve the environment more positively as it takes less energy to heat your home. With high-quality, A-rated boilers, you’ll likely notice less need for repair and maintenance costs as they’re more reliable.

Finally, an A-rated boiler will increase your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating, adding value to your property which can attract buyers and investors.

Whether you need a new boiler to your current one that is constantly breaking down or trying to increase the value of your home, an A-rated boiler should be a top priority.

Choosing an A-rated boiler is the best choice as you’ll save money and minimize the impact on the environment simultaneously.