How Pests Damage Your Plumbing System And What To Do About It

Keeping your home pest-free requires regular maintenance; however, if bugs or vermin are still showing up, there may be other causes to investigate.

For example, a leak in the plumbing system could be all that it takes to attract pests to your house.

Vermin, bugs, and insects thrive in areas with stagnant water where they can hide out and breed. When they get hungry, they will most likely find a way into your house, causing structural damage to your home in the process.

A leaky pipe, or faucet, may seem like a small problem, but it can develop into a bigger issue as it attracts various insects like ants, centipedes, and roaches.

If a faucet or leaky pipe is located behind walls, not only can an infestation go unnoticed but serious structural damage can occur. Rodents, such as mice and rats, chew through insulating material on pipes, which can cause pipes to freeze during the winter months.

Pests may even clog drains, as they live in a part of the drain called the trap. Although the trap is there to prevent pests from entering your property, sometimes they take advantage of the water and debris that the trap holds. Ultimately, this leads to an infestation and blockage.

Damage to your plumbing system creates an additional expense on top of the pest removal cost.

So, how can you avoid pests damaging your plumbing system?

The simplest way to prevent damage to your plumbing system is to schedule regular maintenance plumbing. An expert will inspect pipes and detect signs of a potential infestation. Also, you can perform regular drain cleaning to remove any build-up of bacteria and ensure water is flowing smoothly. You should seal any openings, or cracks around the walls as this will make life harder for rodents to find their way into your property.

In addition to these measures, maintaining a clean home environment through deep cleaning can significantly reduce the chances of pest infestations. A thorough cleaning can help eliminate food residues, dirt, and other attractants that might invite pests.

You should also consider placing a screen over the vent stack found on top of your roof, which is used to ventilate sewer gas. This is another area where pests can enter your property, and a vent screen will provide an additional layer of security for your plumbing system.

A pest infestation and plumbing issues go hand-in-hand. Both regular pest inspections and plumbing maintenance will prevent a situation from becoming a serious problem and help you avoid the high costs of repairing the damage.

This article was written in conjunction with Zest Pest Control who provide domestic and commercial pest control services throughout Central Scotland.