10 Tips To Save Money On Your Energy Bills This Winter

There are many ways to help drive down the cost of energy bills this winter.

Here are 10 great methods, tips, and tricks that go a long way.

1. Book A Boiler Service

A Gas Safe Registered engineer will inspect your boiler to ensure everything’s working correctly. They may spot faults or problems that could escalate if not urgently addressed.

2. Bleed Your Radiators

Ensure that your radiators are heating up correctly. Are there any cold spots or areas that take longer to heat? If so, this means there is trapped air. Bleeding your radiators is a straightforward DIY job that helps your central heating perform optimally and saves you money in the long run.

3. Place Tin Foil Behind Radiators

Another simple method is to wrap tin foil around a piece of card and place it behind your radiators. This will reflect heat into the room instead of escaping through the walls.

4. Close Doors

Sometimes simple changes of habit can make a huge difference. For example, ensure all doors are closed to prevent draughts and heat from escaping.

5. Cover Floors

Our floors are a significant factor in helping retain heat. Approximately 10%-25% of all heat is lost through floors in your house. Consider purchasing rugs in areas without carpets.

6. Block The Hatch To The Loft

You may have already insulated your loft, but always ensure the hatch is adequately protected to prevent draughts through the gaps. So, purchase insulation tape from a DIY shop and seal any gaps.

7. Seal Gaps In Doors

Check your front door and seal any gaps, such as the letterbox or keyhole, with insulating tape.

8. Lag The Pipes

Again, this is a simple DIY method to help keep pipes warmer. Purchase appropriate insulating material and cover pipes properly.

9. Decide What Temperate Is Adequate For Your Home.

Avoid turning up the heat when it gets cold; decide which temperature is adequate and leave the thermostat in that setting. Typically, most households prefer 17 to 21 degrees Celsius. Doing this prevents energy surges when driving up the thermostat, and you’ll have to foot the bill.

10. Let Sunlight In

Although winter lacks sunshine, take advantage of the sun when it’s bright. Open all curtains and allow sunlight to heat the house naturally.

Implementing these tips will certainly help reduce your energy bill over time. A little goes a long way, and with energy bills skyrocketing, now is the time to find solutions.