Should I Switch My Heating Off Before My Holiday?

To leave your heating on or off before going on holiday is a tough choice.

Your central heating system is the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re hundreds of miles away enjoying the summer sunshine. Perhaps you’re worried about burst pipes when it’s turned off, or gas leaks when they’re left on. Either way, here’s a guide on how to decide.

What time of year is your holiday?

The summertime is the best time of year to switch off your central heating while you’re away. If you usually switch it off at the time of year, then it’s certainly not worth switching it on when you’re not home. The warmer weather gives your central heating the advantage, and there’re fewer issues to worry about.

The winter, or even the autumn and spring, poses more risks to your system if switched off while you’re on holiday. Therefore, we recommend leaving it on as it helps to keep pipes warm and less likely to freeze or burst. You can also leave the temperature lower than you normally would when occupying the house. Therefore, you’ll save more money and energy.

If you’re concerned about pipes bursting or leaking gas while you’re away on holiday, you should contact our team to assist you.