4 Home Heating Myths

Many heating myths never seem to die away.

They also confuse many people as it’s hard to tell what is true or false. We’ve created this short guide with the top 4 heating myths that will help you avoid making decisions that could lead to higher energy bills.

1. “Painting your radiators makes them work better”

Although dark colours are good at transmitting heat, painting your radiator black will either have little impact or even cause the opposite effect. Painting your radiators black can prevent heat dispersing, rendering them less effective. Ultimately, you may end up consuming more energy to make up for the loss.

2. “Turning up the thermostat heats your room quicker”

It sounds like a quick fix when you return home to a freezing home. However, turning the thermostat up to 30 won’t heat the room quicker.

Your heating system will still work at the same pace. Instead, your home is likely to become unnecessarily hot. To avoid sweating in your own home, leave the thermostat at the temperature you want, such as 23, and wear something warm in the meantime.

3. “Leave your heating on low constantly”

Some people may advise you to leave your heating on a low temperature constantly, instead of having bigger energy spikes when you switch it on. However, this causes you to consume more energy over time that is being wasted, as you won’t always be home to benefit from the heat.

4. “Turn your heating up when it gets colder outside”

Even if the temperature drops outside, your home isn’t necessarily going to be affected. If your thermostat is at 23, then your house will be kept at this temperature no matter what’s going on outside. Approximately 52% of households believe that it’s necessary to do this, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

With these myths debunked, now you can save yourself from consuming too much energy and ultimately help to lower your energy bill.