What Size of Boiler Should I Install?

Boilers come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your needs, many boilers may not be sufficient.

Therefore, understanding the different boiler types, models, and sizes is crucial to finding the right boiler for you.

Why does the size of the boiler matter?

When talking about the size of a boiler, we mean the output power the boiler provides. This determines how much energy it uses. Therefore, many factors affect whether a high-output boiler is a right choice for you. Here are the main points to consider:

1. How big is your house?

A home with many rooms demands a bigger output as there are more areas to heat. A smaller house or flat will consume less energy and therefore the cost of the boiler will also be less.

2. What size is your old boiler?

If your current boiler size is satisfactory, you may just need to replace it with a modern one with the same power output. However, if the number of people in your house has increased and decreased, it’s a good time to consider investing in an alternative size.

3. How many bathrooms does your house have?

A house with more than one bathroom means there’s a greater water demand. A bigger size boiler is essential.

4. How much heating do you require?

The more heat you need for your home the larger the output size. Perhaps you don’t require much heat now; however, if your family is expected to grow in size over the next few years then it may be worth investing in a powerful boiler now.

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