5 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Noisy

Have you noticed your boiler is making more noises than it did before?

You may be worried that your boiler is breaking down and needing repair, or concerned that you may have to buy a new one. However, not all noises mean it’s the end of your boiler. Different noises indicate specific problems; therefore, you can easily identify the cause and call upon an expert if needed.

So, what are the different noises and what do they mean?

1. Banging or tapping noises

These sounds are the symptoms of internal build-up. The sounds may come and go and can be eliminated with a straightforward powerflush. If the noise is consistent, then it’s possibly due to a loose component, and you should consult with a gas engineer to determine exactly what it is.

2. Whistling or Kettling

A whistling sound is caused when water is heated too much, and mimics the sound a kettle would make when boiling. It also means that there is a blockage in the pipes or components caused by limescale or sludge, preventing water from flowing properly. Again, a powerflush is the solution to this problem.

3. Gurgling

This sound is caused by trapped air within the boiler system, which prevents the radiators from performing adequately. Fortunately, you don’t need to call an engineer for this; all you need to do is bleed the radiators – a simple DIY method.

4. Dripping

Dripping sounds are an obvious sign of a leak in your system. They can be caused by high pressure in the boiler, or boilers that have aged. Try to find the location of the leak and prevent the leak from spreading and causing damage to other components. In this situation it might be best to call a gas engineer to fix the issue.

5. Humming

It’s normal to hear a humming sound but if it starts getting louder, it could mean there’s a fault somewhere. Normally, the fault lies with the heating element in your boiler, and you will have to call a gas engineer to solve this one.