More Tips On How To Buy A New Boiler

Choosing a new boiler is a big deal. There are many factors to consider, such as the cost and type of boiler that suits your needs.

Before going ahead, there are many questions to answer first. In this guide, we’ll answer some of the main questions so you can determine which boiler is best for you.

How many people are living in your house?

This is one of the most important aspects to ask. If you have a small family, or other occupants, a combi boiler is probably the best choice. A small household means less demand for hot water, particularly if you only have one bathroom. Combi boilers cater to only one source of water at a time, so you can’t run a hot tap in the kitchen whilst someone is in the shower. Combi boilers also don’t require a storage tank, which is good for lowering maintenance costs, and giving you more space in your loft; however, they’re unsuitable for larger families. Instead, regular or system boilers are the perfect choice for larger households, especially if they have more than one bathroom.

It’s important to also consider the size of the boiler. If you have a large household then you should consider a boiler with a more powerful output as you’re more likely to use more hot water than an average home.

Where will your boiler be fitted?

There aren’t many spaces in your home to fit a boiler without it being visible and creating an unsightly appearance. The typical area would be inside a kitchen cupboard. However, if you don’t want to give up valuable storage space in your kitchen, installing the boiler in a cupboard under the stairs, or inside the garage is an alternative option.

Have you shopped around for different quotes?

Always search around for a range of quotes. Different heating engineers can vary in price, which may reflect their level of experience and expertise. If you receive a quote that’s drastically cheaper than others, it’s likely the engineer is lacking sufficient qualifications to work with gas. Check that the engineers are Gas Safe registered, as this ensures they’re competent and can install your boiler safely.

Another factor that can impact the price is some engineers prefer to use specific boiler brands, which may be more expensive than others. This can be an advantage as it means the engineer is more knowledgeable about the brand and would be the ideal person to contact in emergencies or general maintenance.

What is your budget?

The price of boilers varies a lot and there are lots of different options on the market that push the price up. By focusing on the size, type, brand, output, and additional components such as radiators or a tank, you can narrow your search down to a selection of suitable boilers.

From there, it’s about determining the most affordable boiler. You could also consider finance options, but this could mean paying more in the end.