How To Get The Best Boiler Installation in Glasgow

Installing a new boiler is a significant investment

If you’re a homeowner in Glasgow, you’ll want to know how you can get the best quality and service available.

A boiler is crucial for maintaining room temperature and adequate hot water supply for your home. So let’s look the ways to ensure you’ll get the best boiler that won’t disappoint you.

Do I Need To Replace My Boiler?

There are many reasons to replace your boiler. The most common reason is the higher energy costs associated with older boilers. New boilers are manufactured to be more energy efficient, requiring less energy consumption to heat your home. Older boilers are more prone to breaking down, and the costs of repair outweigh are just as expensive as getting a new boiler altogether.

Sometimes you have no choice but to replace your boiler. Low water pressure, strange odours, and irritating noises indicate that your boiler is no longer operating efficiently.

Once you’ve identified the reasons for replacing, you can investigate the type and size boiler you need.

Which Boiler Type and Size is Right For You?

It’s necessary to consider what type is appropriate for you. For example, a regular boiler is suitable for larger homes and family sizes. In contrast, a combi boiler is ideal for houses with one bathroom or fewer occupants.

Apart from the type, you’ll need to determine the correct size of boiler for your home. Size has to do with the amount of energy your boiler puts into heating your home.

The bigger your home and the more radiators, hot taps, and showers you have, the bigger the boiler size you require.

How Much Will A New Boiler Cost?

The installation costs, as well as the brand of boiler contribute to the overall investment you’ll need to make.

Certain brands cost more, but sometimes it’s worth paying slightly more than you’d like for that reassurance that it’ll last longer.

Consider warranty periods, efficiency ratings, and other customer reviews before deciding. And always choose a certified and qualified engineer – don’t compromise to find the cheapest.

Finally, you’ll need to consider where the boiler will be installed. A combi boiler is excellent as it doesn’t require hot water tanks, so if you’re limited on space, this could be a good option. Alternatively, a system or regular boiler will need loft space to host the water tanks.

You don’t have to figure out everything on your own. If you require help in choosing a new boiler, then contact us for free expert advice.

This post was written in conjunction with Zest Environmental, who provide disinfection fogging in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland