Top 5 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your boiler isn’t difficult.

You can keep your boiler in top condition for many years by following simple steps. Of course, certain boilers require specific maintenance procedures, but you can follow similar protocols for most boilers.

So here is some advice on how you can look after your boiler and some of the most frequent problems encountered by homeowners.

1) Power Flushing

A power flush uses a chemical solution to help remove rust, sludge, and grime that builds up in radiators and the central cooling system. This process is typically needed every 5 to 10 years as the benefits last for a long time. A power flush will improve the functioning of your central heating system significantly.

2) Lagging the Pipes

When summer arrives, the internal condensate pipe can boil over, causing the boiler to temporarily stop working as a safety mechanism. You can lag the pipeline to prevent the condensate pipe from drying up. This should be done in warmer seasons and will benefit you during the winter as it helps prevent pipes from freezing.

3) Bleeding the Radiators

Sometimes air becomes trapped inside radiators resulting in cool spots or making the radiator take longer to heat up. Therefore bleeding the radiators releases the trapped air to improve its function and save electricity.

4) Turning The Boiler Off

There will be times when you don’t require your central heating system. But rather than switch it off completely, you can turn your boiler on for 15 minutes each month in the summer. This ensures it still functions without issues in time for winter.

5) Boiler Servicing

You should schedule regular boiler servicing with an experienced engineer. A professional engineer can inspect your boiler to check everything is running correctly. In addition, if you’re a landlord, you must service your boiler annually as it’s a legal requirement.

Following these tips will help your boiler stay healthy and reduce the likelihood of breaking down inconveniently.