Which Boiler is Right For Your Home? Regular vs System Boiler

Choosing a boiler can be a tough decision, and getting the right one means understanding the differences between various models.

Whether you’ve decided to install a new boiler because your current one has broken down or you’re simply modernizing your home, this article will guide you through the most crucial points to consider – possibly saving you money.

The size of your house, how many rooms you have, and how many people live in your household will determine which brand, size and type of boiler you should choose.

What is a Regular Boiler?

This term means a conventional or traditional boiler. These are the simplest types of boilers that power your central heating, consisting of a hot water cylinder with an immersion, and a cold water tank. They typically allow you to programme when your central heating activates, so you don’t have to press any buttons manually.

Regular boilers suit large families living in a house with one or two bathrooms. A regular boiler allows hot water to run through several sources at one time; for example, you could have a hot shower and still run the hot kitchen tap simultaneously.

What is a System Boiler?

This has been a popular choice among homeowners. They work similarly to regular boilers consisting of a hot water cylinder (usually stored in an airing cupboard). System boilers don’t rely on a separate cold water tank and therefore allow homeowners additional space in their loft should they wish to convert it into a living area. They’re also easier to install as they don’t have a water tank; instead, they consist of built-in circulating pumps.

System boilers must be programmed when to heat water and may not offer hot water instantly. However, you should still have hot water available throughout the day without waiting as the cylinder can keep water hot for many hours.

Which boiler should you choose?

Although both boilers can suit large families with many rooms in their home, the main advantage of a system boiler over a regular boiler would be the additional space. Without the unsightly view of a water tank taking up space in your loft, this certainly gives you more renovation choices. Also, if it’s a new home and starting from scratch, a system boiler may be more suitable because it’s less expensive due to not installing a tank.

However, a regular boiler is suitable for most households, and tanks can generally store a lot of water and stay heated for longer. And if your home already has a regular boiler which serves your needs, then a like-for-like change is the best decision, especially if the tank is in good condition as it won’t need replacing.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the output power of the boiler. The more water and heat you need will require a more considerable output. You should consult with a specialist to ascertain what you require when making your final decision.