Why The Summer Is The Best Time to Buy a New Boiler

If you’re considering installing a new boiler in your home, you may wonder when the best time to have it installed.

It may seem like a straightforward task, but there are things to consider before deciding when to go ahead.

New installations are bound to cause short-term upheaval in your home, such as having your heating temporarily turned off and allowing the time and space for engineers to install your new boiler. To help figure out what’s best for you, it’s helpful to understand the process behind installing a new boiler.

When your new boiler arrives, the old unit must be safely disconnected and removed; therefore, you won’t have regular access to hot water or central heating. If your boiler is being changed for a similar system, such as a combi boiler for a new combi, then it’s possible to install a new boiler in one day. This minimizes any inconvenience, and the time without heating or hot water is kept to a minimum.

However, if you’re upgrading from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler, you should expect this to take a little longer. As a combi boiler operates differently from a regular unit, the engineer will need to change the connections to your radiators and remove the old water tank and hot water cylinder.

Furthermore, the engineer will carry out tests to ensure that your boiler and central heating system are correctly configured and communicating correctly with the thermostat, radiators and water cylinder.

With that in mind, many homeowners prefer to fit their new unit in during the summer months to avoid the inconvenience of temporarily losing access to their central heating when they need it most. If your boiler is beginning to show its age and needs repairs, then it’s the perfect time to install a new boiler. Engineers aren’t so busy during the summer months, so you’re more likely to get an appointment that suits you without the stress of a last-minute call out during winter.

It’s possible to install a new boiler during the winter, particularly if it’s already broken down. In these instances, customers are advised to seek a solution as soon as possible to avoid prolonging the situation or even having to go without heating.

In conclusion, the summertime is the best time to install a new boiler as it’s easier for the engineers and means you won’t have to suffer going without heating and hot water during the cold winter months.

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