Why It’s Vital To Hire A Gas Safe Registered Engineer For A Boiler Installation

How can you be sure you’re hiring a qualified, knowledgeable engineer to install a new boiler safely?

By checking to see whether they’re Gas Safe Registered. This qualification demonstrates their competency when working with gas. The last thing you need is a botched job, leading to a gas leak, jeopardising the health and safety of you and your family.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is an extensive list of UK businesses and engineers qualified to legally work with gas appliances. You may have several gas appliances in your home, such as cookers, gas fires, or a gas boiler. Each appliance must be properly connected to the gas mains to operate them safely.

A Gas Safe Registered engineer or business is routinely inspected for quality control on their work. If their work is below the required standard, they may be suspended or removed from the register.

Therefore, when hiring a Gas Safe Registered engineer, you can have more confidence that work will be carried out safely.

How Do I Check if An Engineer is Gas Safe Registered?

You can ask the engineer directly to show you their Gas Safe card. Engineers are legally obliged to provide this information when requested.

Additionally, you can also check and verify if this is true by searching their details on the Gas Safe Register website.

What Can I Expect From A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

Skills, reliability, and professionalism are what you can expect from a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Due to regular checks on their work, there’s a high degree of accountability.

There’s less chance of mistakes that result in further call-outs to repair and fix faults.

Installing a boiler is a big task, and you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring the best person for the job. And when it comes to working with gas, it’s even more crucial to find an expert, as any mistakes could result in a gas leak, endangering people’s lives. Therefore, checking an engineer’s qualifications before hiring them is critical.

So always hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the engineer is adequately trained. All engineers employed by The Boiler Exchange are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered.