What Are The Advantages of Installing a New Boiler?

Installing a new boiler is a daunting task that’s expensive and time-consuming to research all of your options.

However, despite these costs, it’s an investment with many benefits you may have yet to realise. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself for investing in a new boiler.

So what are the advantages of installing a new boiler?

1. Reduced Energy Consumption And Lower Bills

By lowering the amount of energy you consume, your energy bills will also decrease. New boilers can heat your home quickly without consuming as much energy as older ones. So whilst the upfront costs of a new boiler a relatively high, your investment will pay off over several years as your energy bills will be lower.

2. Increase the Value of Your Property

When renting or selling your home, a new boiler will improve the value of your home. You will likely receive a higher EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate) which demonstrates how energy efficient your home is. A high EPC rating is attractive to tenants, buyers, and investors.

3. Newer Boilers Are Quieter and Require Less Space

Older boilers take up much more room in your home. A newer boiler will free up more space in your loft, depending on what boiler type you choose. For example, combi boilers don’t require water tanks in your loft, thus freeing up more living space.

Newer boilers are quieter than traditional ones. So if you need to fit the boiler on the other side of a bedroom wall, you’ll benefit from reduced noise levels.

4. More Energy Efficient

Newer boilers have much better energy efficiency ratings than older boilers. This is because they are designed to consume less energy while heating your home sufficiently. If you’re looking to increase your EPC rating, a new boiler is a great choice that can add up to 20 points during an assessment.

The advantages of a new boiler certainly outweigh the disadvantages, such as the high installation costs.

To help make the right choice, reach out to The Boiler Exchange who can offer expert advice on which boiler type is best for your home.