Why You Can’t Supply and Fit Your Boiler Yourself

Installing a boiler is a huge task and something most homeowners can handle.

However, some try and the results aren’t good.

When you’re trying to cut costs, avoid cutting corners; otherwise, you’re likely to pay more in the long run by having to fix the mistakes.

Hiring a professional boiler installer is the best choice you can make. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Save Time and Money

As mentioned, you’ll save money as a professional engineer with skills and expertise can do the job quicker and better.

To fit a boiler yourself, you need knowledge of all the codes, regulations and laws. You also need to source the right boiler, materials and other equipment. This takes time to research and prepare.

2) You’ll Benefit From Trade Prices

Tradespeople benefit from lower prices, and the public when buying materials and components. A boiler installation company buys in bulk at a low price. Therefore, you’ll also benefit from lower prices when hiring a professional compared to a DIY approach.

3) The Finish Will Look Professional

Your DIY skills won’t be as good as professionals, and you may run into difficulties, such as pipes behind walls or under floorboards. Over time, you may experience leaks or corrosion, requiring further maintenance and expenses.

4) You Won’t Risk Invalidating Your Warranty

Fitting a boiler yourself means you may void your warranty if something goes wrong, whether it’s a product defect or you made a mistake during installation. You could void your warranty as the boiler was fitted by someone unqualified.

5) It’s Safer and You’ll Have Fewer Issues

One of the most important criteria to look for in an engineer is whether they’re gas-safe registered. It’s a legal requirement that boiler installers should be certified to work with gas.

If you’re not gas-safe registered, you’ll lack critical skills and knowledge, and mistakes can seriously harm you and those in your home.

You could also invalidate your home insurance if your boiler hasn’t been installed by a Gas Safe Regiatered Engineer. And you won’t have the Boiler Compliance Certificate required to sell your home.

Always choose a professional boiler installer; it’s better to be safe than sorry. You will also save money and reduce the chances of buying a faulty boiler or causing faults with a DIY approach.